On self-love.


At the beginning of this month, I went to a "Women of Influence" recognition breakfast. I didn't think much of it before I went. I wasn't even that excited to go. But I felt like a mega feminist after listening to 23 women receive recognition for their achievements, their intelligence and their impact on the Indianapolis community. It was kind of a rude awakening, actually. I, like most females, struggle a lot with comparison. You know, the thief of joy. And what a thief it is. It has robbed me over and over again, ever since I can remember. It still does. Yes, there's always going to be somebody who's more forgiving, more compassionate, more easygoing than me. But that does not mean I'm not any of those things. I struggle to remember that.

But most of all, I struggle with loving myself. I struggle with embracing who I am and knowing what I have to offer this world. I want to do and be everything for everyone. I don't recommend it. It's a lot of unnecessary pressure to put on yourself to fulfill the impossible. You'll always be disappointed. You'll never feel like you're doing enough. You'll never feel like YOU'RE enough.

And today, it's especially hard to remember your own worth when people aren't validating it for you. I'll be the first to admit that I've deleted an Instagram post because it didn't get as many likes as I wanted. We scroll and scroll and scroll through the highlights of other people's lives and feel worse about our own. We're leaving the door wide open for comparison to waltz right in and rob us.

I think girls get so much satisfaction out of tearing each other down because it's easy. It's easy to point out what you think is wrong with her hair or the shape of her nose or her body type. It's easy to gossip and be quick to judge. It's hard to appreciate and love other women because we're competitive, petty and insecure. But the recognition breakfast I went to earlier this month reminded me that it's so worth it. By bringing out the best in other women (and people in general), you bring out the best in yourself.

So I need help with this. I think a lot of people do, too. It's hard to see your worth when you're always looking at everyone else's.

This blog post helps. If you ever feel like you need to love yourself a little better, read it. Uproot the weeds that have been choking out the flowers. We have to stop feeding the lies and start feeding ourselves truth. We have to love who we are more than we love breaking 100 likes on Instagram.

I'm starting the truth diet by writing myself a love letter every week. I have this theory that if we all can be a little nicer to ourselves, we'll be able to extend that kindness to others without hesitation. We won't choose insults or judgment or hatred. We won't tear each other down because it's easy. We'll choose kindness instead. We'll choose love instead.