Why I Love Yellow Springs (And You Should, Too!)

THIS TOWN. Yellow Springs was everything I wanted and more. 

Isaac and I live in downtown Indianapolis – it's not Manhattan, but it's city life nonetheless. The drive to Yellow Springs, Ohio is just two hours, but it felt like we were in a completely different region of the U.S. The people are the friendliest, most laid-back humans I've ever met. The food was incredible. Even the scattered thunderstorms were beautiful to watch from inside one of the local coffee shops. I never wanted to leave. 

And the Yellow Springs Farmers' Market was wonderful – as expected! Many people brought their pups along (unfortunately didn't get any photos of them) and it was as close to heaven as I've ever felt. We also took home a basil plant and three succulents for just $12! You know what they say: plant lady is the new cat lady.

Of course, we had to stop by Young's Jersey Dairy to feed their goats and try their ice cream. Arguably the best cookies and cream ice cream I've ever had, and arguably the most photogenic goats I've ever seen. 

On our drive back into town, we took some back roads and found this awesome corn field. Obviously we had to pull over and take advantage of the photo op. 

On Sunday morning, we headed to John Bryan State Park. I got a mosquito bite right on my forehead and felt itchy everywhere the entire time, but it was so worth it. We hiked along the Clifton Gorge, and the sound of the water rushing alongside us was enough to make me feel refreshed. I love these photos of the tiny things that caught my eye during that hike: 

These are just a few of my favorite snapshots from this trip – the rest can be found on my photography page! But if you want the full experience, book your weekend in Yellow Springs right. Now. Time moves so slowly there and it's the best. I'm pretty sure my stress levels were lower than they'd ever been. And I promise you'll come back home feeling like your soul has been restored. 

And now, here are my personal recommendations in case you do decide to go!



The house itself is beautiful and it looks like Joanna Gaines decorated the entire thing. The breakfasts were outstanding and wholesome (local, farm-fresh eggs, organic chicken sausage, seasonal fruit and pancakes). And it's within walking distance of everything in downtown Yellow Springs! 


Sunrise Cafe

Honestly the best breakfast food I've ever had. Anything involving the sunrise potatoes is a win, and their pancakes are incredible – super thin yet crispy around the edges. All of their food is local and made from scratch. Yay!

ye old trail tavern

It's known as Ohio's oldest tavern and it certainly looks like it – the inside feels like the 1800's for sure. The menu is mostly German food. I'm not a huge fan, so I opted for the burger instead and I loved it. The beer selection is also solid (which is expected of a tavern, I guess). 


We stumbled into this place after realizing the restaurant we originally wanted to try was closed... But this was such a great find! It's a little more ~upscale~ but totally worth it. I tried fried oysters for the first time there, and I think it might have converted me into a seafood person. 


dino's cappuccinos

The coffee is great, but I loved it because it's a cozy little spot to hang out, read, write, chat, stare out the window, etc. Also, we're about 98% sure we saw Dave Chappelle's wife there. 

Yellow springs brewery

This is probably a given because it's the only big brewery in town, but their beer selection is actually awesome. I had the Captain Stardust – which according to their website is a "light-bodied Saison made with American Comet hops creating a rustic, juicy citrus profile and a spicy yeast character, this Saison is eminently drinkable." Good stuff!


We love good dive bars, and this is a good dive bar.

We went to pretty much every single shop in downtown Yellow Springs, so it's hard to say which ones are the best. They're all quirky and fun. Obviously John Bryan State Park is a must, but we also checked out the Glen Helen Nature Preserve, which is where the actual "Yellow Spring" is (it's just a little waterfall haha – but still worth finding!). 

As I start the journey toward more natural living, I feel like this was the perfect trip (and perfect timing). I felt a sense of freedom from being comfortable with going makeup-less pretty much the entire weekend. I got to roam around outside and admire God's awesome creations and eat the tastiest farm fresh foods. The best part, though, is that being in Yellow Springs reminded me to appreciate and find beauty in simplicity. I already can't wait to go back.